Source++ Hosting

/* Host locally for free or allow us to fully manage hosting for a low monthly cost. */






per month
Team size: 1-5
4 GB / 2 CPUs
4 TB transfer



per month
Team size: 5-15
8 GB / 4 CPUs
160 GB SSD
5 TB transfer



per month
Team size: 15-30
16 GB / 6 CPUs
320 GB SSD
6 TB transfer



per month
Team size: 30-60
32 GB / 8 CPUs
640 GB SSD
7 TB transfer

Frequently asked questions

Which languages/technologies does Source++ currently support?

Source++ currently only supports languages which run on the JVM (Java virtual machine).
For a complete list of all the supported JVM technologies, please see here.

Are there any limitations with self-hosting Source++?

Definitely not. Source++ Cloud is offered simply for ease-of-use and to help support further development of Source++.

What happens if I exceed storage and/or transfer limits in Source++ Cloud?

If you exceed the monthly transfer limits Source++ Cloud will temporarily enter offline mode. When in offline mode Source++ Cloud will not accept any further metrics/traces and the Source++ Plugin/Tooltip will only be able to display and search through metrics/traces which have been cached beforehand. On the first of the following month Source++ Cloud will automatically re-enter online mode when the monthly transfer limit is reset.

If you exceed the storage limits Source++ Cloud will permanently enter offline mode. In order to get Source++ Cloud back online you must either upgrade or clear the runtime metrics storage (and optionally reconfigure the TTL for metrics/traces via the Administrator dashboard to prevent it from occurring again).

What if I want a Source++ Cloud plan with more cpu/storage/transfer than listed above?