Core Features

/* Everything you didn't know you wanted, right out of the box. */

View source code performance

Source++ allows you to easily gather the behavior of any monitored source code artifacts at a glance. With Source++ there is no need to leave the source code to gather detailed and accurate metric and trace observations.

Automatic & manual code tracing

Source++ is able to detect many different popular frameworks and libraries and automatically enable the collection of metrics and traces that they produce. This functionality can also be manually applied easily to any new or existing source code with a simple keyboard shortcut or mouse click.

But wait, there’s a whole lot more!

Apache SkyWalking Integration

Source++ is fully integrated to support all plugins provided by Apache SkyWalking with additional APM support coming.

Automatic Endpoint Detection

Source++ automatically contextualizes endpoints stored in Apache SkyWalking to display runtime information in the IDE.

Custom Installation

Source++ makes it easy to create a new setup or configure the installation to extend any pre-existing Apache SkyWalking setup.

Contextualized Trace Exploration

Source++ is able to contextualize trace exploration by keeping related source code in focus as the captured traces are navigated.


Source++ offers a RESTful API to allow for custom querying of applications and source code artifacts and their related runtime data.

Artifact Exception Viewing

Using Source++ you can easily navigate to a specific method and view exceptions thrown in production specific to that method.